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Swivel gliders
Replacement, create, construct or adapt

To install style #18650 swivel and glider, there must be a minimum of 6" space for the glider (under) inside the chair bottom. Chair sides can be up to 34" in width.
The installer must provide 2 pieces of 3/4" thick by 3 1/2" wide hardwood installed securely front to back to attach the 2 glider flat steel plates.
All installations require a skill level of 8 on a scale of 10. 1 being easiest
View a factory installation drawing. Also see Glider Installation tips for more information.

swivel and glider with ring image
  • Swivel Glider rocker 250 lb. users weight
  • All steel with strong linkage
  • Painted Black
  • Glider rocking motion
  • Floor glides permanently attached
  • Overall sides height with ring-6 5/8"
  • Overall Glider width-14"

Swivel Glider not intended for large heavy chairs

Swivel and glide rocker options
  • Glider, 42 BB swivel (no ring) Style #18500...$157.70
  • Glider includes heavy duty swivel, 24" steel ring and attachment hardware. Style #18650...$226.75

chair glider image
  • Overall height at sides, 7 1/2"
  • Height at side mountings 6"
  • Floor glides permanently attached
  • 250 lb. usees weight load
  • Overall width at linkage 21 7/32"

Unique parallel rocking motion similar to porch glider

Chair Glider Style #18700...$194.60

Glider Installation tips for additional information

Style #18219 with 24" ring will acomodate as narrow as 19" inside chair frame sides.
Style #18223 with 24" ring for up to 23" inside chair frame sides.
Style #18226 with 24" ring for wider and up to 25 1/2" inside chair side frame widths.
Overall total height from floor is 7 1/4".

Installation is accomplished by attaching a 1"x hardwood (Hard Maple or Oak is recommended) to each steel flat rail and then attaching the 1"x to the chair side bottom edge.
Although 8-1" #14 mounting screws are included for some installations, we recommend piloting for included 8-#8 x 1 3/4" or 2" wood screws when screwing into the chair frame edges.

An alternative installation method is to install 2 pieces of 3/4" thick recommended wood from front to back inside the chair. Then the chair can REST upon the 2 attachment steel plates and be permanently screwed.

Gross weight 30 lbs. Ships UPS or USPS-1 per carton

19" wide Style #18219S..24"Ring...$264.10.....Add To Cart
23" wide style #18223S...24" Ring...$273.25 ..Add To Cart
25" wide Style #18226S...24"Ring...$282.35....Add To Cart


  • Permanently lubricated glider bushings

  • 24" diameter x 3/4" thick ring

  • 8 Installed non-marking floor protectors

  • 10 1/4" square swivel plates 500 lb load

  • 15/16" thick ball bearing swivel

  • No plastic race (to break)

  • Max glider users weight 350 lbs.

  • 65 steel ball bearings

  • Pre lubricated bearings

  • Fully assembled unit

  • Mount to chair screws included

Swivel Glider

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See Glider Installation for Glider install tips
This heavy duty swivel glider is available in widths for up to 1 1/2 wide upholstered chairs.
Call for an additional 15% off. 405.608. 4222
Call for an additional 15% off. 405.608. 4222