Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
Shown above, 4 leg dovetail hub and bottom plate with included installed hub liner for 1" threaded posts.
Some original factory installations used incorrect sized screws for the top and bottom plates. Our top or bottom screws are included with each purchase and correctly sized for either Hub or bottom Plate.

In addition, not all dovetails are created with exact same angles. If too loose, add and glue shims for a snug fit. If too tight, try to spread steel but still maintain a snug fit.

It is the bottom plate and screws which provide the strength needed to the legs. Many older 4 leg bases have broken screws which originally fastened the hub bottom plate. It is important to remove and replace those screws. Drill a 1 1/4" or preferably larger hole, and glue in an hardwood Hard Maple dowel rod. Purchase the Maple dowel rod first, then the drill bit to match the dowel rod. When glued and dry, drill a correct size pilot screwhole to fasten the bottom plate. Warning, a screw sized dowel pin is the wrong thing to use for a repair.

What is a Dovetail?
This is a photo of a Dovetail
The leg end slides into the provided space on a hub to keep it from falling off. Dovetails are machined at precise angles to hold tightly thus providing strength. The entire user and chair weight is carried by the dovetails and bottom plate. Replace broken bottom plate screws.
#K8694 4 Leg hub with bottom plate. Includes all screws
#K8896 5 Leg hub with bottom plate. Includes all screws


#94-4 leg additional bottom plate
#97-5 leg additional bottom plate


4 Leg Design #K8694
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Office chair hub liners

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Replacement threaded posts
Bells, Washers and Thrust washers

Click for Tool rental to remove and install Office chair Hub Liners (Takes seconds, not hours)
Although we recommend our specialized tool for installing or removing of all hub liners, none need the tool more than the paper thin #99.


OD dia


Cost $

1 1/16"
Ultra thin


1 5/32" (1.160")



#98 tips

1 3/16"

White-Very common



1 1/4"
4 1/32" high


1 5/8"
3 3/4" high-Color is Black

Office swivel chair 4 and 5 leg base hubs and bottom plates

Please choose either 4 or 5 Leg:
5 Leg Design #K8896

Office chair
Bells and Washers

#74 1 5/8"x 2 1/4" dia Black $19.40
#75 3 7/8" diameter
Looks like #76 but is smaller diameter
Black $20.75
#76 4 3/8" diameter Black $27.35
Select a Bell:

If the threaded Post is not removed, then only the #83B can be installed. The #83B thrust washer must first be sawn or knife cut to install. The cut mark line is show directly above the #83B number shown in the photo.

Bells and washers are intended for 1" diameter

Select a Washer:

Please choose the selections: