Swivel Chair Replacement Parts
PILOT U for Wood, Plastic mat or Tile flooring
All metal body
Industrial quality
2" 80 lb each wheel
2 3/8" 100 lb each wheel

Includes any stem listed below

"There is no difference if stem top is flat or domed."
Pilot U for Wood flooring, Plastic mat over carpet and plastic Tile flooring.

2 3/8"-$19.95

This is an 02 Stem
It is ONLY used
with solid wooden legs having one of these in the leg or these
Various other caster Attachments
Replaceable stem sockets
Threaded stems
Stem plates
Square caster cups
Replacing a caster with a glide
How to install or remove a caster wheel
How to remove a socket from a wopopden leg
Why are larger casters better?
Which caster for a plastic mat on top of carpet?